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As the holiday season approaches, what better way to spread the spirit of celebration than with the rich and authentic flavors of Aldez Mezcal? In this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve curated a selection of handpicked treasures that will elevate your mezcal experience and make for unforgettable gifts. From artisanal Oaxacan clay copitas to cocktail essentials, each item on this list is crafted to enhance the mezcal aficionado’s journey.  Dive in and discover the perfect gifts for the mezcal lover in your life.


                                                                                        Oaxacan Clay Copita Set

Transport yourself to the heart of Oaxaca with this handmade clay copita set. Crafted by skilled artisan Francisco in Mexico. Francisco creates these pieces using techniques that have been handed down for generations. Each cup is a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. The natural elements used in their creation result in a unique design, making these copitas a true embodiment of tradition.


                                                                                  Oaxaca Mexico Travel Guide Book

Embark on a mezcal-inspired journey through Oaxaca with a comprehensive travel guide. Explore the vibrant markets, historical landmarks, and hidden gems that contribute to the rich tapestry of Oaxacan culture. This book is the perfect companion for anyone looking to deepen their connection to the birthplace of Aldez Mezcal.


                                                                                    Mezcal Sour Swizzle Candles

Set the mood with these mezcal-infused candles that capture the essence of a mezcal sour. The aromatic blend will transport you to the agave fields and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for sipping and savoring.


Mezcal History Craft & Cocktails Book

Delve into the world of mezcal with a captivating book that explores its history, production, and the art of crafting mezcal cocktails. Perfect for both enthusiasts and newcomers, this book provides insights into the traditions and innovations that have shaped the mezcal landscape.

Organic Agave Syrup

Elevate your mezcal experience with organic agave syrup, a natural sweetener that complements the spirit’s complex flavors. Whether used in cocktails or as a drizzle over desserts, this syrup adds a touch of sweetness derived from the same plant that gives us mezcal.

This May Be Mezcal Mug

Sip your favorite mezcal blend in style with a specially designed mezcal tea cup. Its unique shape and craftsmanship enhance the tasting experience, allowing you to savor every nuance of Aldez Mezcal.

    Aldez Mezcal Espadin & Ensamble

No mezcal gift guide would be complete without the star of the show – Aldez Mezcal. The ideal gift for those eager to venture into the world of mezcal or anyone you’d love to introduce to the rich and flavorful realm of agave spirits. Share the spirit of discovery with Aldez! Choose from the distinctive Espadin or our award winning Ensamble. 

Cocktail Shaker

Become a mezcal mixologist with a sleek cocktail shaker. Shake up your favorite mezcal concoctions and impress your guests with your bartending skills. This essential tool will elevate your home bar to new heights.

Salty Paloma Cocktail Rimmers

Add a touch of flair to your mezcal cocktails with Salty Paloma cocktail rimmers. These artisanal salt blends are crafted to complement the unique flavors of mezcal, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Blue Henry Dehydrated Lime Wheels

Finish off your mezcal masterpieces with a garnish that’s as visually stunning as it is flavorful. Blue Henry dehydrated lime wheels add a citrusy zest that perfectly complements the smoky notes of Aldez Mezcal.

Whether for a mezcal enthusiast or someone new to the spirit, these gifts promise to spark joy and create lasting memories. Remember, you’re not just giving a present – you’re gifting an experience. Celebrate the holidays with the spirit of mezcal, and may your festivities be filled with warmth, tradition, and the exquisite taste of Aldez.